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Strategic Positioning:

Construct a domestically leading and internationally top-ranking comprehensive listed electric power company.

Development Strategy:

New energy guides transformation and realizes green development

Development Tactics:

Optimize thermal power development; vigorously develop wind power and Hydropower generation; positively and stably develop gas electricity and distributive energy; positively develop coal industry; develop solar energy preferentially; strive to develop the nuclear power business; positively and stably develop overseas markets.

 (1) Optimizing thermal power development
Speed up the layout and development of thermal power around large-sized coal and electricity base, coastal areas in the east part of China as well as main channels of coal transportation and power transmission. Lay efforts in development of high capacity, high parameter, clean and environmental protection thermal power projects.
 (2) Vigorously developing wind power
Speed the wind power development in places where the consumption abilities are relatively strong; enhance the project reserves of the rich area of the ultrahigh voltage external transmission channels and wind resources. Scientifically develop low wind speeder resource; stably develop offshore wind power.
 (3) Vigorously developing hydraulic power
Fully support the project of hydraulic power project in the Dadu River Basin; intensify the development of projects in the provincial-level regions in the southwest part of China where the hydraulic power resources are relatively rich; positively strive for the development rights of large and medium sized projects.
 (4) Positively and steadily develop gas power and distributed energy resources
Accelerate the arrangement and development of high quality gas power generation projects and distributed energy resources projects in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong where the economies are relatively developed.
 (5) Prioritize the development of solar energy
Optimize layout in areas with rich resources; positively reserve resources; enhance policy tracing and guarantee developm
 (6) Safely and efficiently develop coal industry
Optimize the development of self-use coal projects; promote the construction of the coal and electricity projects.
 (7) Positively and stably develop overseas markets
Develop power projects in developed countries, emerging countries and regions with stable political situation, complete legal system and good prospect.

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