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GD Power has been insisting on innovation driving strategy to promote the reform of management mode and way of production, to implement the management of in-depth benchmarking, refinement, whole-staff performance and overall risk. The Company has established a “five-in-one” management and control system to promote overall development with key breakthroughs laying emphasis on key points on the basis of power generation and coal sectors focusing on “the promotion of independent innovation capabilities and the construction of innovative enterprises.” Meanwhile, the Company also makes further perfection of its technical innovation system to speed up the cultivation of innovative manpower, to strengthen the application of applied technology, to drive the upgrade of traditional industries, to facilitate the development of emerging industries, to fully promote independent innovation capabilities and to gradually form the scientific guarantee capacity adaptable to a first-class comprehensive listed power company.

With enterprises as the main entity, supported by technology and projects, GD Power put great efforts on the implementation of technical projects of energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection, improvement of labor environment and strength and its technology work has won distinctive effects. In 2016, the Company undertook 11 projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the China Guodian Corporation, won 12 technology progress prizes of provincial and ministry levels and above, and obtained 30 patents of various types.

Technology Content Improved for Power Generation Technology

The Company has significant breakthrough on single capacity and the application of new technology of power generation industry. Its main financial technology indexes are more optimized, its operation maintenance technology level is constantly improved and the level of enterprises’ clean production is obviously raised. The coal consumption of coal-fired power plants is reduced from 332.96g/kWh in 2009 to 300.15 g/kWh in 2016. Unit SO2 emission is reduced from 1.09 g/kWh in 2009 to 0.13 g/kWh in 2016.

Coal-fired Power Plant of Single-row BOP of the World’s Biggest Single Unit Capacity

Guodian Jiantou Inner Mongolia Bulian Power Plant has 2×660 MW ultra supercritical coal-fired air-cooled power generators as a coal-fired power plant of single-row BOP of the world’s biggest capacity, which has created quite a few world tops on energy-saving, high efficiency, economy and environmental protection. Bulian Power Plant has a plenty of beneficial tries on energy saving, emission reduction and technical innovation, which epitomizes the latest construction fruits of world’s top power plants. Especially the success of single-row BOP configuration, it greatly promotes the accuracy, safety and reliability of coal-fired power generation BOP and accumulates precious experience for the design and development of our domestic unit BOP systems of high capacity and parameters. The project has won the golden award of 2013-2014 national high-quality projects and quite a few prizes of China Electricity Council and the autonomous region. It was granted the title of “National Model Energy-saving and Emission Reduction Coal-fired Power Station” by National Energy Administration and the study and application on single-row BOP configuration won the first prize of 2014 Electricity Construction Technology Progress.

First Domestic Energy Saving Transformation of Steam-driven Induced Draft Fan for Coal-fired Power Generator

Transformation was made on steam-driven induced draft fan of Beilun Company Phase III 2×1000 MW units in 2012, which reduced 1.26% of auxiliary power for the units under rated conditions creating the best level among domestic units of the same type with the reduction of 1.87 g/kWh of coal consumption for power supply. This project won the third prize of 2014 Zhejiang Province for technology progress and the third prize of electricity technology progress. Meanwhile, the technique was extensively applied and received good energy-saving effects in many power plants of Guodian, Huaneng, Zheneng, etc.

In-depth Peak Adjustment of Supercritical Units

Zhuangdian Company added in optimized adjustment to economizer water side and flue gas bypasses and combustion on the basis of current technical reserve and implemented low calorific value coal mixture fired techniques. In-depth adjustment was made on peak load of the units that ranges from 600 MW to 180 MW. It realized in-depth peak adjustment without oiling at automatic mode and the normal operation of denitrification system from low load to in-depth peak adjustment periods. In 2016, the Company gained the profits of CNY 158 million from in-depth peak adjustment.

Power Plant Afterheat Recovery and Utilization

In December 2009, National Development and Reform Commission emphasized on the popularization of the energy saving technique of “Centralized Heating by Heat and Power Cogeneration of Heat Exchange with Absorption Heat Pump.” In 2010, Datong Power Generation Company took heat pump technique to recycle afterheat from auxiliary circulating water as the first domestic coal-fired power plant taking this method. It realized the recycling of afterheat from circulating water of coal-fired power plant with absorption heat pumps. This heat pump project can be compatible to the first station of existing heat supply network or operate independently as an innovation to traditional heat supply systems.

In 2011, Dongsheng Coal-fired Power Company took the lead in adopting lithium bromide absorption heat pump to directly recycle waste steam afterheat from air-cooling islands in China. It provided firsthand experiment data for the popularization of waste steam recycling and utilization from air-cooling islands of big air-cooled steam turbine generators, especially for the centralized heat supply technique of heat and power cogeneration with heat exchange of absorption heat pumps. It was the demonstration for improving the energy utilization of power plants.

In 2013, Jiuquan Power Generation Company implemented “the project of heat supply with recycled waste steam with heat pumps” to make combined efficiency promotion and utilization of waste steam afterheat and pressure after work of turbine unit 2#. Meanwhile, it reduced the insufficient use of the high energy of heat supply extraction and greatly lowered the consumption of standard coal for heat supply demonstrating distinctive effects of energy saving and emission reduction.

Combustion Comprehensive Optimization and Control System

The adoption of advanced measurement and soft measurement technology realized the online detection of combustion status parameters of wind, powder, coal, ash, flue gas, etc. Comprehensive optimization of multiple targets was realized for the process of boiler combustion with techniques of online combustion status detection, online balanced adjustment of coal powder allocation, multiple target dynamic optimization, best proportion control of air and coal. The study results of the project were successfully applied on the 600 MW units of GDPD Datong Power Generation Co., Ltd. and won the first prize of Technology Progress of China Guodian Corporation in 2013.


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