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Coal Saving
Following the latest domestic research results and putting great efforts on the implementation of highly efficient overhaul on turbines, GD Power successively carried out “highly efficient overhaul and new unit perfection improvement” on coal-fired units of different levels. After the reform, the influenced power supply was reduced on coal consumption of about 5g/kWh. The reform projects of heat pump waste steam afterheat recycling have been successively completed for Dongsheng Company, Datong Company and Jiuquan Company to extract low quality afterheat from waste steam and to exchange it into recycling heat for municipal heating systems’ supply.
In recent years, at least 10 units of GD Power won prizes in annual national benchmarking competitions of big units’ energy efficiencies of China Electricity Council. In 2016, up to 20 units won the prizes and its Bulian Power Plant, Datong Company, Shizuishan Power Plant I, Dongsheng Company and Changzhou Company have been standing in the leading row of the industry for their coal consumption for power supply.
Taizhou Company Phase II Project constructs 2×1000 MW ultra supercritical double reheat coal-fired generators as the model project for coal-fired power generation of National Energy Administration and Ministry of Environmental Protection and also the “12th five-year” national key science and technology supporting scheme of energy saving and emission reduction confirmed by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The project is the first to apply double reheat technology to 1000 MW ultra supercritical coal-fired generators in China, which realized the great improvement of units’ performance and emission levels. All energy efficiency indexes of the units are up to their designed values and the units’ consumption takes the lead in the world after COD.
At 22:30, November 13, 2016, the heat supply energy saving upgrade and reform project was successfully completed for the first domestic 350 MW supercritical unit heat supply project of GDPD Dalian Development Zone Coal-fired Power Plant. The heat supply area of the unit was up to 16 million m2 and the annual heat supply was up to 6.2 million GJ. The coal consumption was reduced for 40g/kWh for the whole plant during heat supply periods and the whole year’s coal consumption was reduced for 20g/kWh. It increased comprehensive income of CNY 76 million and realized the “double promotion” of the unit’s efficiency and enterprise’s benefits.
Oil Saving
Techniques, such as pulverized coal boiler plasma ignition, boiler low-oil-consumption ignition, etc., are positively popularized according to the structural characteristics of boilers. In-depth development is made on the techniques of plasma oil-free ignition and stabilization of combustion. Dongsheng Coal-fired Power Company has completed the construction of the first fuel oil free unit in the world.
Water Saving
Air-cooling technology is used for newly built units. Promotion and application are made on pneumatic ash removal and dry ash removal technology with methods, such as circulating cooling wastewater for ash flushing and reduction of proportion of water to ash, to reduce the use of fresh water. Positive promotion is made on circulating cooling water technology of high concentration ratio and related antiscale and anticorrosion technology. It also adopts domestic wastewater recycling and treatment techniques. Zhuangdian Company implemented capacity expansion on its seawater desalting system and all production water supply is from seawater; Dongsheng Company and Dakai Plant use reclaimed water for all production water supply with the recycling rate of 100% for reclaimed water; Shizuishan Company uses comprehensive treatment on classified production waste water, unit index management and control and cascade allocation recycling management mode. It has completed the cascade comprehensive recycling of uniform water service management of the entire plant, which fully realizes zero discharge of waste water and provides reference and guidance for the technical planning and design of the production wastewater zero discharge for wet and cold coal-fired power plants. It has profound social benefits and driving effects.

Power Saving
New technology and methods are adopted for exploiting the potential of auxiliary systems. Positive promotion and application are made on the high frequency power source of electric precipitators and in-depth optimization of condensate pump frequency conversation. Exploration is made on the implementation of flexible sealing reform technology for air pre-heater. Great efforts are put on the implementation of speed control improvement and reform on major auxiliaries, such as induced draft fans and primary air fans, and power saving rate is up to 30%-50%. Handan Plant and Shizuishan Company implemented frequency conversion reform to motor driven feed water pumps and the power saving rate is up to 25%; Datong Plant II (Company) and Zhuangdian Company made further reduction on the energy consumption indexes of auxiliary power of units through positive study and application of the unilateral operation technology of main auxiliaries under low load conditions; enterprises, such as Beilun Phase III, Zhuanghe Company, etc., implemented steam-driven induced draft fan reform and reduced over 1% of auxiliary power rates, which reached advanced levels of the units of the same type.

Desulfurization and Denitrification
Positive fulfillment of social responsibilities and in-depth study on pollution control technology at the pre-in-and-after combustion stages of coal-fired power generators. In 2016, GD Power completed the ultra-low emission reform of 14 units, which increased the number of coal-fired power generators of such reform up to 31 within the Company and it accounts for 52.67% of the total installed coal-fired capacity of the Company. The Company has reduced its SO2 emission to 0.13g/kWh, oxynitrides emission to 0.24g/kWh, fume emission to 0.03g/kWh for accumulated unit generation in the whole year.
Besides, Guodian Taizhou Power Generation Co., Ltd. took the lead in the completion of the reform of port shore power systems, which passed the acceptance inspections, as the first 1000 WM unit that has implemented shore power system in Jiangsu Province. After the reform, Taizhou Company realized “zero discharge” of exhaust gas from port vessels in the true sense with remarkable economic and environmental protection benefits. The Company’s Phase II project environmental appraisal report won the medal of excellent environment appraisal report granted by Ministry of Environmental Protection (only two power enterprises won the medal), the honorable title of “National Model Power Station of Coal-fired Power Energy Saving and Emission Reduction” by National Energy Administration, and the “Model Project for Turbine Emission Level” determined by Ministry of Environmental Protection and National Energy Administration.

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