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GD Power is a listed company controlled by CHN Energy and is a platform for integrating electricity generation business of conventional energies of CHN Energy. Guided by the spirits of the 18th and 19th National Congress of the CPC, GD Power always kept pace to a high degree with the idea of the Central Party Committee with comrade Xi Jinping at its core, practiced the new development philosophy, deepened reform and innovation and cultivated competitive advantage, continuously enhanced its comprehensive strength, making positive contribution to the development of national economy.

With the strong support of all shareholders, the Board of Directors and management level firmly practiced and carried out the lines, guidelines, and policies of the Party and China, kept centering on quality and benefit and comprehensively improved the sustainable development capacity of the company. The installed capacity controlled by the company reached 52.2249 million KW, of which the installed capacities of new energy and renewable energy account for 37.54%. The company ranks top among the comparable companies in terms of its main economic-technical indicators. In recent years, the company was successively selected in the SSE 50 index, SSE 180 index and Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index in terms of its shares and in the list of first batch of most reliable companies in Forbes. It kept the position of blue chip of A stock in China and successively got the title of Top 100 Listed Companies in China, Jinniu Award of Top 100 Listed Companies, Information Disclosure Award of Listed Company, Nomination Award of Board of Directors of Listed Company, Case Award of Typical Acquisition and Reorganization, Annual Award of Board of Directors of SSE, Golden Award of Quanjing Investment Relationship and the most respected listed company among investors and other important awards in capital market

Undertake new mission and start new journey in new era. In the 19th National Congress of the CPC, an important political judgment was made that the socialism with Chinese characteristics had entered into a new era. We are in a period of history convergence in which the striving goals of “two centenary goals” are in the process of realization. The General Secretary Xi Jinping had made a series of great decisions for the energy development of China and had indicated direction for us to develop energy in new era. GD Power will fully implement the spirit of 19th National Congress of the CPC, take the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in new era put forward by Xi Jinping as its guideline, keep and enhance the its obedience to the overall leadership of the Party, continue to promote progress while maintaining stability, keep new development idea, fully implement the “The ten projects” of intrinsic safety, green coal power, improving quality and efficiency, optimizing development, smart enterprise construction, building strong enterprise by cultivating talents, risk prevention and control, happiness and harmony and Party construction and anti-corruption according to the requirements of high-quality development, so as to promote the changes of quality, efficiency and driving force of the enterprise''s development, nurture new kinetic energy of development, create new competitive advantage, build itself into a world-class listed company of all-around electric power with global competitiveness and make new contributions to the Chinese dream, i.e., the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. CHN Energy will give the listed platform of GD Power into full play and put the conventional power businesses other than that of other listed companies controlled by CHN Energy into GD Power step by step, promoting GD Power’s continuous progress in realizing the goal of becoming a world-class listed company of all-round power with global competitiveness.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of GD Power, I express heartfelt thanks to all shareholders and people from all circles of life in the society for their trust and support to the company! GD Power will achieve a better performance to repay all investors and the society!

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